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About J6


We are J6 Students, and our purpose is to help students discover who God truly is and how he affects the world around us.  Our desire is for students to experience God intimately, all of His Wonder and  Passion.  We want students to see what He has built for us, how He loves us, and how He has saved us all through His only son.  We are here to strengthen the relationship we all share with God and to change the lives around us through what we experience together, as a family.


In John 6, Jesus feeds 5000 plus with a lunch for a child. In verse 35, Christ says, “I am the bread of life, he who comes to me will Never hunger…” Christ Met the people’s Physical need and bridged the gap to meet their spiritual. That is the idea Behind J6, to grow in Christ by Meeting the physical needs of people and making Disciples for Christ together.